Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Whats The Best Handicapping Software!!!

People are always asking what software should they invest in. I tell them I have tried most of them and most of them are worthless. However, I will say WINNING AT THE TRACK is one of the better ones out there. I don't have any connection with them but if you use speed and or pace this software hits the mark. If anyone has other software they think is any good please wright in this blog.

Thanks and have a GREAT DAY!!


Anonymous said...

what about all-about-horse-racing.blogspot

philc8 said...

I use that software too. It is very good to supplement your handicapping>

Klocker said...

I'm giving ALWAYS a shot, but I must admit, its a bit of information overload. I'm having a problem with the track profiles. It says they are unzipped, but the basic profile is still there when i download a track. I'm looking for someone who knows his way around this software to help me out. The user manual is freakin huge. The first day i used it, they had a 40-1 shot as a contender that got beat by a nose. Worth looking into.

Klocker said...

I'm trying to get some response on handicapping software. I started my own blog,,,,


Just trying again. I've also tested MultiCaps since I last posted here.

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