Saturday, November 29, 2008

Einstein Kicks Butt in CLARK.

Well this just goes to show you why you don't bet 1-5 shots ever. Commentator went off at 1-5 and finished third while Einstein went off at nice 9-2 and paid $11.80, $5.20 and $2.60 while romping past Commentator. After all these years I still can't figure out why people will make a hores 1-5. Even if you have the deepest pockets in the world there is just no value to it. People still bet with there hearts instead of there brains. Einstein had the advantage on running style alone and don't forget Commentator is a 7 year old and came out a race from Sulfolk Downs. This is basic hanicapping that everyone should know. BUT NEVER BET ON A 1-5 shot. Einstein was the your Thanksgiving gift at 9-2 and gace you $118.40 Exacta.
$2.00 Exacta (3-1) $118.40
$2.00 Trifecta (3-1-4) $279.20
$2.00 Superfecta (3-1-4-2) $865.00

GOOD LUCK!! and have A GREAT DAY!!!

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