Thursday, December 4, 2008

STAKES RACES in DECEMBER(Watch the 2yr olds)KENTUCKY DERBYis coming.


Dec. 5

Delta Downs: Boyd Gaming's Delta Jackpot S (gr. III), $750,000g, 2yo, 8.5f.
Delta Princess Powered by Youbet.com (gr. III), $500,000g, 2yo f, 8f.
Delta Mile S, $100,000g, 3&up, 8f.
Treasure Chest, $100,000g, 3&up, f/m, 8f.
Orleans (R), $50,000g, 3yo f, non-winners of a stakes, 7f.
Sam's Town (R), $50,000g, 3yo, non-winners of a stakes, 7f.
Fair Grounds: Mississippi Futurity (R), $40,000e, 2yo, Mississippi-owners, 6f.
Dec. 6

Aqueduct: Garland of Roses H, $75,000a, 3&up, f/m, 6f.
Calder Race Course: My Charmer H (gr. IIIT), $100,000g, 3&up, f/m, 9f (turf).
Tropical Turf H presented by Southern Comfort (gr. IIIT), $100,000g, 3&up, 9f (turf).
Fair Grounds: Pago Hop S, $60,000g, 3yo f, 8f (turf).
Golden Gate Fields: Pacific Heights S (R), $75,000g, 3&up, f/m, California-bred, 8.5f.
Hawthorne: Pat Whitworth Illinois Debutante S (R), $100,000e, 2yo f, Illinois-conceived and/or -foaled, 8.5f.
Hollywood Park: Hollywood Turf Cup H (gr. IT), $250,000g, 3&up, 12f (turf).
Native Diver H (gr. III), $100,000a, 3&up, 9f.
Philadelphia Park: Eavesdrop S (R), $75,000a, 2yo f, Pennsylvania-bred, 7f.
Pennsylvania Nursery S (R), $75,000a, 2yo, c/g, Pennsylvania-bred, 7f.
Retama Park: Star of Texas S (R), $75,000g, 3&up, Texas-bred, 8.5f.
Bara Lass S (R), $50,000g, 2yo f, Texas-bred, 7f.
Groovy S (R), $50,000g, 2yo, Texas-bred, 7f.
Martanza S (R), $50,000g, 3&up, f/m, Texas-bred, 8f.
Richard King S (R), $50,000g, 3&up, Texas-bred, 9f (turf).
San Jacinto S (R), $50,000g, 3&up, f/m, Texas-bred, 8.5f (turf).
Spirit of Texas S (R), $50,000g, 3&up, Texas-bred, 6f.
Yellow Rose S (R), $50,000g, 3&up, f/m, Texas-bred, 6f.
Turf Paradise: Hank Mills Sr. H, $50,000g, 3&up, 8f.
Queen of the Green H, $50,000g, 3&up, f/m, 8f (turf).
Turfway Park: My Charmer S, $50,000g, 3&up, f/m, 8.5f.
Woodbine: Display S, $150,000g, 2yo, 8.5f.
Zia Park: Zia Park Derby, $150,000a, 3yo, 8.5f.
Dec. 7

Albuquerque: Billy Powell Claiming H, $12,500a, 3&up, 8f.
Aqueduct: Damon Runyon S (R), $75,000a, 2yo, New York-bred, 8.5f.
East View S (R), $75,000a, 2yo f, New York-bred, 8.5f.
Hollywood Park: Bayakoa H (gr. II), $150,000g, 3&up, f/m, 8.5f.
Portland Meadows: Os West Oregon Futurity (R), $40,000a, 2yo, Oregon-bred, 8f.
Jane Driggers Debutante S (R), $10,500a, 2yo f, Oregon-bred, 6f.
Oregon Hers S (R), $10,500a, 3yo f, Oregon-bred, 8f.
Oregon His S (R), $10,500a, 3yo, c/g, Oregon-bred, 8.5f.
Oregon Sprint Championship (R), $10,500a, 3&up, Oregon-bred, 6f.
Woodbine: Valedictory S, $150,000g, 3&up, 14f.
Zia Park: Zia Park Distance Championship, $200,000a, 3&up, 9f.
New Mexico Eddy County S (R), $120,000a, 2yo, New Mexico-bred, 8f.
Dec. 13

Aqueduct: Queens County H (gr. III), $100,000a, 3&up, 9.5f.
Calder Race Course: La Prevoyante H (gr. IIT), $150,000g, 3&up, f/m, 12f (turf).
W.L. McKnight H (gr. IIT), $150,000g, 3&up, 12f (turf).
Fred W. Hooper H (gr. III), $100,000g, 3&up, 9f.
Kenny Noe Jr. H (gr. III), $100,000g, 3&up, 7f.
Fair Grounds: Louisiana Champions Day Classic (R), $150,000g, 3&up, Louisiana-bred, 9f.
Louisiana Champions Day Juvenile S (R), $100,000g, 2yo, c/g, Louisiana-bred, 6f.
Louisiana Champions Day Ladies H (R), $100,000g, 3&up, f/m, Louisiana-bred, 8.5f.
Louisiana Champions Day Ladies Sprint (R), $100,000g, 3&up, f/m, Louisiana-bred, 6f.
Louisiana Champions Day Lassie S (R), $100,000g, 2yo f, Louisiana-bred, 6f.
Louisiana Champions Day Sprint H (R), $100,000g, 3&up, Louisiana-bred, 6f.
Louisiana Champions Day Turf H (R), $100,000g, 3&up, Louisiana-bred, 8.5f (turf).
Louisiana Champions Day Starter H (R), $50,000g, 3&up, Louisiana-bred, which have started for a claiming price of $20,000 or less in 2008, 8.5f.
Golden Gate Fields: Corte Madera S, $75,000g, 2yo f, 8f.
Hawthorne: Jim Edgar Illinois Futurity (R), $100,000e, 2yo, c/g, Illinois-conceived and/or -foaled, 8.5f.
Hollywood Park: Hollywood Starlet (gr. I), $250,000g, 2yo f, 8.5f.
Laurel Park: Jennings H (R), $50,000g, 3&up, Maryland-bred, 8.5f.
Sunland Park: KLAQ H, $50,000g, 3&up, 5.5f.
Tampa Bay Downs: Lightning City S, $50,000g, 3&up, f/m, 5f (turf).
Turfway Park: Prairie Bayou S, $50,000g, 3&up, 9f.
Dec. 14

Aqueduct: Ladies H, $75,000a, 3&up, f/m, 10f.
Hollywood Park: On Trust H (R), $100,000a, 3&up, California-bred, 7.5f.
Remington Park: Governor's Cup, $75,000g, 3&up, 8.5f.
Black Mesa S (R), $50,000g, 3&up, f/m, Oklahoma-bred, 6f.
Silver Goblin S (R), $50,000g, 3&up, Oklahoma-bred, 6.5f.
Sunland Park: Johnie L. Jamison S (R), $125,000g, 3&up, New Mexico-bred, 6.5f.
New Mexico State Racing Commission H (R), $125,000g, 3&up, f/m, New Mexico-bred, 6f.
Dec. 20

Beulah Park: Samuel H (R), $15,000g, 3&up, which have started at Beulah Park for fall 2008 meet, 6f.
Charles Town: Eleanor M. Casey Memorial S (R), $45,000a, 2yo f, West Virginia-bred, 7f.
Fair Grounds: Bonapaw S, $60,000g, 3&up, 5.5f (turf).
Esplanade S, $60,000g, 3&up, f/m, 5.5f.
Letellier Memorial S, $60,000g, 2yo f, 6f.
Sugar Bowl S, $60,000g, 2yo, 6f.
Woodchopper S, $60,000g, 3yo, 8f (turf).
Golden Gate Fields: Gold Rush S, $75,000g, 2yo, 8f.
Hollywood Park: CashCall Futurity (gr. I), $750,000g, 2yo, 8.5f.
Cat's Cradle H (R), $100,000a, 3&up, f/m, California-bred, 7.5f.
Laurel Park: Maryland Juvenile Filly Championship S (R), $50,000g, 2yo f, Maryland-bred, 8.5f.
Sunland Park: La Coneja S (R), $125,000g, 3yo f, New Mexico-bred, 5.5f.
Turf Paradise: Cactus Wren H (R), $50,000g, 3&up, Arizona-bred, 6.5f.
Turfway Park: Gowell S, $50,000g, 2yo f, 6f.
Dec. 21

Hollywood Park: Dahlia H (gr. IIT), $150,000g, 3&up, f/m, 8.5f (turf).
Dec. 26

Santa Anita: Malibu S (gr. I), $250,000g, 3yo, 7f.
California Breeders' Champion S (R), $125,000a, 2yo, c/g, California-bred, 7f.
Sir Beaufort S (gr. IIIT), $100,000a, 3yo, 8f (turf).
Dec. 27

Aqueduct: Gravesend H (gr. III), $100,000a, 3&up, 6f.
Calder Race Course: Frances A. Genter S (gr. IIIT), $100,000g, 3yo f, 7.5f (turf).
Stage Door Betty H (gr. III), $100,000g, 3&up, f/m, 8.5f.
Delta Downs: Calcasieu (R), $60,000g, 2yo, Louisiana-bred, 5f.
Creme de la Crème (R), $60,000g, 2yo f, Louisiana-bred, 5f.
Fair Grounds: Furl Sail H, $60,000g, 3&up, f/m, 8.5f (turf).
Laurel Park: Maryland Juvenile Championship S (R), $50,000g, 2yo, c/g, Maryland-bred, 8.5f.
Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort: Christmas S, $75,000g, 3&up, 6f.
Santa Anita: La Brea S (gr. I), $250,000g, 3yo f, 7f.
California Breeders' Champion S (R), $125,000a, 2yo f, California-bred, 7f.
Eddie Logan S, $75,000a, 2yo, 8f (turf).
Sunland Park: Red Hedeman Mile (R), $125,000g, 2yo, New Mexico-bred, 8f.
Tampa Bay Downs: Inaugural S, $50,000g, 2yo, 6f.
Sandpiper S, $50,000g, 2yo f, 6f.
Turf Paradise: Arizona Juvenile Fillies S, $50,000g, 2yo f, 6.5f.
Kachina H, $50,000g, 3&up, f/m, 8f.
Lost in the Fog Juvenile S, $50,000g, 2yo, 6.5f.
Turfway Park: Holiday Cheer S, $50,000g, 3&up, 6f.
Dec. 28

Aqueduct: Alex M. Robb H (R), $75,000a, 3&up, New York-bred, 8.5f.
Portland Meadows: City of Roses H, $18,000a, 3&up, f/m, 8.32f.
Santa Anita: San Gabriel H (gr. IIT), $150,000g, 3&up, 9f (turf).
Blue Norther S, $75,000a, 2yo f, 8f (turf).
Sunland Park: Bold Ego H, $50,000g, 3&up, f/m, 5.5f.
Dec. 29

Portland Meadows: Invitational H, $9,000a, 3&up, 8.5f.
Santa Anita: Impressive Luck H, $75,000a, 3&up, 6.5f (turf).
Dec. 30

Mountaineer Casino Racetrack & Resort: New Year's Eve S, $75,000g, 3&up, f/m, 6f.
Sunland Park: Riley Allison Futurity, $100,000a, 2yo, 6.5f.
Dec. 31

Aqueduct: Gallant Fox H, $75,000a, 3&up, 13f.
Fair Grounds: Louisiana Futurity (R), $50,000a, 2yo f, Louisiana-bred, 6f.
Louisiana Futurity (R), $50,000a, 2yo, c/g, Louisiana-bred, 6f.
Santa Anita: Kalookan Queen H, $75,000a, 3&up, f/m, 6.5f.

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