Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Horse wagering drops 7 percent in 2008

You would think because horse racing is the eaiest revenue source for the states that they would want the fan to be happy.Well think a again this fan has seen it all.Between the horseman and the states greed and the treating of the Racing fan like were not needed this great game will die. Think about it the fan is treated like CRAP.Let's compare our game with the casino game.We pay to park they don't,we pay to get in to the track free to get in to the casino, we pay for information to play our game they offer free information and classes to play their games.We pay for drinks which are enormously high (beer $6.00 and more)and they drink for free. Food again we pay and yet if they gamble a little they get it for free.You get the picture by now. They get treated likes Kings and Queens while we get treated like well like they don't need us. It costs me anywhere from $10.00 and up just sit in the picnic area at Belmont Park before I even make wager. $2 park, $3 admission, $5 for Racing form, $2 for program. Like I said this is the picnic area. Forget about the Clubhouse or anything else. God forbid if you get hungry there or would like a drink. You need to have another bank role just for expenses.Then if you wager moderately at a casino they might offer you a free room for the night. I wager no less than $1000.00 almost every Saturday and they don't even know I exist. This wagering trend will continue downwards because of the GREED in the Industry and let's not forget the STATES GREED. This is free money to them and yet they also treat our game like they don't need it. Well enough is enough and it's time to think how can we fight back. MORE to follow. Please write any ideas or ways we can fix this great game of ours.

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