Monday, November 9, 2009


Two Queens in a King's court what shall we do. As we all know horse racing has always been a man's world.Until a great philly comes along like back in 1972.Born just 2 years after the King of Horse Racing Secretariat there was the most beautiful Filly to ever step on a race track,of course her name was RUFFIAN.She ran like no other and earned the nickname Queen of the Fillies. The problem was she ran better then the Men at least in this fans eyes which were full of tears the day she broke down and had to be put to sleep.She was not only the Queen but also the King.But now we have not one but two QUEENS, RACHEL ALEXANDRA and ZENYATTA.In my they should both get Horse of the year because they both ran and beat the boys and anyone else that was in their way. Don't choose between them they both deserve to be HORSE of the Year.

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