Thursday, December 10, 2009

Independent monitor releases public report on NTRA Safety Alliance and Integrity Alliance

Eric Wing,
Special to NTRA.com

The Honorable Tommy G. Thompson, independent monitor of the NTRA Safety and Integrity Alliance, and the Washington, D.C., law firm of Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld today released a comprehensive public report on the Alliance at the University of Arizona Race Track Industry Program's Symposium on Racing & Gaming in Tucson. The 47-page "Report of the Independent Monitor" (click here to download) covers the Alliance's progress to date in implementing safety and integrity standards and reforms.

The report cited the successful implementation of several meaningful safety improvements at accredited racetracks throughout North America and praised the Alliance for its sharing of best practices from track to track and for raising awareness of the industry's resolve in dealing head-on with safety and integrity issues. Suggested areas for improvement included the development of a mechanism to ensure sustained compliance, the creation of incentives to compel more tracks to seek accreditation, and the need to better educate the general public about specific improvements made at racetracks.

"The Alliance represents an excellent start and solid foundation for lasting industry reform," the report states. "Nonetheless, much more needs to be done…The Alliance has done a good job striking a balance between implementing substantive safety and integrity reforms that are ascertainable but not overwhelming, particularly at a time in which all agree that the industry is facing significant economic challenges in the current overall economy."

"I commend Governor Thompson and his team at Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld for a thoughtful and thorough report based on first-hand observation, interviews with more than 35 representatives of industry stakeholder groups and comments solicited from the general public," said Alex Waldrop, President and CEO of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association. "This independent analysis spotlights many areas of achievement and several others where improvement is necessary in order to ensure the future success of the Alliance."

Thompson, the former four-term Governor of Wisconsin and U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, has served as the Alliance's independent monitor since its inception in October 2008.

The Alliance, formed with the goal of establishing national uniform standards in the areas of safety and integrity, includes 55 racetracks in North America and every major national horsemen's organization. Alliance certification standards cover five broad areas: injury reporting and prevention; creating a safer racing environment; aftercare and transition of retired racehorses; uniform medication, testing and penalties; and safety research. Within those five categories, specific standards focus on areas including:

Systematic reporting of equine injuries
Aftercare of racehorses
Pre- and post-race veterinary examinations
Post-mortem examinations
Health and safety of jockeys
Riding crops and their use
Horse shoes and hoof care
Safety research
Safety equipment for jockeys and horse handlers
Exogenous Anabolic Steroids
Alkalinizing agents (TCO2)
On-track emergency medical care for humans and equines
Out-of-competition testing
Freezing and retrospective testing of post race samples
Continuing education
Security assessment and training

The accreditation program initially will focus on human and equine safety, but will be expanded to cover additional areas, including wagering security. Information on the Alliance, including the Alliance Code of Standards and the Report of the Independent Monitor, can be found at www.NTRAalliance.com.


David said...

Having backed horse racing for over a decade, I finally stopped today. Keiron Fallon has been allowed back, and is up to his old tricks again, but this time making the horses win. And it takes more than one jockey to make a longshot win - it takes them ALL! 100/1 shot won today, a definate scam. Same rider also won on a 20/1, another scam! The Grand National horse was also fixed, 12 lenths by a 100/1? Please! Undoubtably drugged. Even Liam's comments afterwards make it obvious the horse was drugged! That's why it can't win now, when if it could win the Grand National, it should win most races!

Okay, I backed the 100/1 at 200/1 early prices, and gained 2,000 pounds from it, but it was definately a scam. I am leaving horse racing on a profit, nd have had a spell of luck recently which has more than covered my losses over the last 12 years. How did I have this spell of luck? Because I noticed the scams! There are often clues in the winners or placers before the scam race! such as First At Deuville = means there is a long shot scam in the first Deuville race to come!

"Angel" in a placers name means that a horse with Angel is going to win. Don't believe me? Try it out for yourself!

I am glad to be getting out of it, and have more than covered my losses, so these dishonest jockeys, trainers, handlers, Jockey Club (they allow scammers to get away with it - often in on the scam themselves) etc will not have earnt from me because of their scams. ALL jockeys are dishonest, ESPECIALLY your favourite jockeys! Today I quit for good, I will not tolerate thieving, and that is what they are doing!

Anonymous said...

In case you don't believe me, I can PROVE they are all scammers! From the horses being placed in several races, I can tell that there will be a longshot scam at the next Fairview circuit, not sure which race, possibly first or last, but there will definately be a scam at the next Fairview outing!

Anonymous said...

The Cruelest Jockeys Exposed:

Harry Skelton used the whip not less than 60 times in the 2.40 race at Ludlow today. The horse was FORCED to make it into contention for a place, despite clearly being exhausted. If this is what he allows the cameras to see, then what he does behind the scenes must be truly appauling! Corrupt, evil bastard! Just as bad as Robert Thornton (also evil, flouts ALL rules and gets away with them apart from one minor race ban for overuse of the whip which he moaned at cos evil people can only see their side of the story!)

Anonymous said...

Yet more scamming:
1st Ready For Roses(|Ryan Curling|) 66/1

2nd (13) Share The Silver (|Karl Zechner|) 50/1
3rd (12) Rich Return 6/5

The message hidden here in the horses names is "Well done on pulling that off mate, share the scams - first at Clairwood next to be fixed - another longshot. Let the other jockey's know." They need the other jockeys in the field to oblige to pull off a scam, so they are asking them to. And as they are ALL corrupt, they will oblige! So the next Clairwood race, the horses will be going slow to allow the longshot to win, or a ringer will be used. watch out for a different weight or different markings if a ringer is used, as no two horses are 100% identical!

David said...

See my previous message, more proof jockeys are scammers! Todays results: 10:45, Clairwood (the first Clairwood race of the day, ie "first at Clairwood"): winner: Trean 40/1 longshot.

So more 100% conclusive proof you are being scammed by all the jockeys! I told you a longshot scam would take place at the first at Clairwood, and it DID!

Oh, and the Fairview race, 100/1 shot won. So TWO races I correctly predicted would have a longshot scam. Now I am not psychic, I did it using the horses names and following typical patterns. That is why there are always horses you've never heard of, such as Crooked Cat (another 66/1 scam last year), it's to tell the jockeys that the scam is on - they can't do it by phone as there would be a record, so they use cunningly named horses.

Anonymous said...

EVERY single race today at Turfontein was a fixed race. They got a way with one longshot scam, so tried it again with nearly all the races! Unbelievable! If it wasn't for the Jockey Club and stewards also being corrupt, they wouldn't get away with this. Anyway, I've done what I set out to do - prove the races were fixed, and the evidence is above. 100% of jockeys in the horse racing industry are corrupt (yes, 100%, there is NOT ONE honest one. When there is, they quickly get booted out of the industry by threats from other jockeys).

Anonymous said...

I am aware of a scam at a certain race happening. The horse will be drugged (this horse was already drugged once to cause a shock victory at a well known annual race).

If you want to know the name of this horse, email me at freddiefrogsrevenge@gmail.com because I am not posting it here till just before the race so the fraudsters involved will not back out when they realise I am onto them.

Look at the above posts for evidence I know when the scam is on.

The horse I am talking about has been showing signs of being the rank outsider it really was once (and should be, and may well be at the race I tell you about).

Anyhow, email me and I will give you the winner of the race (as long as it doesn't fall)

Anonymous said...

As nobody has emailed me and as it is getting near to the scam race, I will post the horse's name here: MON MOME! Yes, that's right, the Grand National winner was drugged and is to be drugged again in the next race it races at. Watch it's speed - there will be a little difference in the stated weight as the stomach will be emptied and pumped with drugs to increase Mon Mome's stamina. As long as he doesn't fall or collapse (could happen as he is drugged), he will win the race. He will be drugged as people are asking questions why he isn't winning every race he races in, let alone ANY race!

Liam Treadwell will not be riding this horse, but beware: DO NOT BACK any horse Treadwell is riding: he will jump before the end of the race as he has friends who have layed his horse to lose (he has done this before, by deliberately not looking and so the horse stumbles without it looking suspicious!

Anonymous said...

LONGSHOT SCAM ALERT: Kenilworth next outing, outsider to win. Will touch 100/1, get it at this price as it will likely go down as ALL the jockeys are backing it (via mates and family members so they don't arouse suspicion).

May have Royal in the name, not sure but a longshot will win.

Anonymous said...

And a big outsider won at the stated Kenilworth circuit! So 4 CORRECT longshot predictions: NO gambler can predict that, it's rare to happen once! Except I did, using clues in the horses names, and typical patterns that often happen prior to the race in which a longshot wins, which proves that ALL jockeys, owners and trainers currently in the horse racing industry are corrupt!

More scams: watch out for favourites and second favourites "falling" and deseating the rider over the next week - these races are thrown deliberately by the riders. Treadwell will do much of it.

OriginalComedy said...

100/1 to win today at Scottsville - bet quickly and take the price as this is a scam going down by the jockeys. Probably last race today.

Anonymous said...

More longshot scams - Kenilworth and Turfontein today, make sure you're on, let's fleece these scamming bastards!

Anonymous said...

Exclusive: Mon Mome drugged AGAIN! Plus Jockey Club Fraud Exposed!

Mon Mome, the horse that was drugged by the trainer to allow it to win the Grand National by 12 lenths (it was definately drugged, I don't post things like this unless I am 100% sure) has been drugged once again. The trainer, worried about Mon Mome's poor form since his Grand National win, was starting to get desperate, as people were questioning why a Grand National winner could not win or even get placed in ANY race since.

So the horse was drugged in the early hours of this morning, and Mon Mome was placed 3rd. Mon Mome is likely to be drugged again at any further meetings.

Unless this poor horse is retired soon(and by retired, I do NOT mean dog food, killed or malnourished: I mean sold or given away to somebody who genuinly cares about horses - that means NO jockeys or former jockeys), I am going to start talking. I have evidence, I can (and will if neccessary) make horse racing very difficult, secrets like the above will be exposed (there are other trainers drugging horses and every current jockey is corrupt. Yes, every single one). The RSPCA and newspapers will be informed of the shocking cruelty that goes on behind the scenes by almost every trainer. If you think people exposing secrets has already undermined the so called integrety of horse racing, wait till I start! The blood sport shall be exposed for the cruelty and corruption that happens every day in and before every race. I know a LOT, more than enough to ensure that the vast majority of punters will stop betting on horses. I know way too much, much more than you want me to know. For example, the so-called two horse race at Cheltenham 19/03/2010, I know that race was fixed to allow the rank outsider to win. I know how it was fixed, I know who did the fixing, and even worse for the corrupt bodies, I know the JOCKEY CLUB knew and allowed this scam to go ahead as well as many more. In fact, the jockey club has even asked certain jockeys (Robert Thornton, Liam Treadwell, Mcoy to name just a few) to fix races for them, and all jockeys asked complied with the corrupt wishes of the Jockey Club.

David said...

Want to know WHY Keiron Fallon was punched? Because he is up to his old tricks again (I informed the jockey the exact place Keiron's horse would be fixed to be placed in - he was sceptical, but when it happened, he knew I was telling the truth and angry that the frauding jockey had cheated him (understandable really, Keiron deserved that punch)! He deliberatly lost the race - he has a friend who backed the horse to lose on Betfair on his behalf! Plus, his old circle of race fixers also backed the horse to lose - they have been in contact again.

Like I said, I know a lot, much more than the horse racing industry wants me to!

Careful Keiron, I might expose your race fixing to the press. In fact, I think I will, unless you quit horse racing for good and leave the country! And no, I am not bluffing - go to Australia where lying, thieving, dirty criminals like you are commonplace!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm still waiting for the poor abused Mon Mome to be retired to a happy life where he isn't beaten or drugged by trainers and jockeys, you have one week and then I will tell all to the press, I have TAPES! So watch your back, you animal abusing scum! Because you are going to be in the press soon!

David said...

A new blog coming soon - Exposing The Sammers In The Horse Racing Industry. EVERY jockey, nearly every trainer will be exposed as scammers, with 100% undeniable evidence! Learn of Liam Treadwell jumping off his horses to throw a race, and learn just how the 2009 Grand National was fixed, and how Treadwell and his friends and family knew the horse would win! Learn exactly what drug the lying, corrupt trainer used and why it wasn't detected, plus learn of the corruption of the Jockey Club in a blog they feared would never be published.

Learn how the blog will cast a permanant gloom over horse racing, and harm the sport irrepairably. Learn how Robert "Choc" Thornton abuses his horses, and more!

Sneak preveiw:

"Did you know that on the 6th March, there were at least TWO drugged horses? Horses drugged to win the race? Well I will expose those trainers here and now: J J Coleman drugged Un Hinged to win at 25/1. Or how J Gallagher drugged Fayre Bella to win at massive odds of 100/1! Did you know that The Jockey Club, the body supposed to be upholding the rules, is the one that regularly breaks it?! Such as the time they ASKED Liam Treadwell to throw most of his races. The time they asked K Fallon to start his old tricks again? Did you know, that with the BLESSING of The Jockey Club, Keiron is throwing his races again?!"

As you can see, I have started NAMING names, I warned those in charge what would happen and they thought I didn't dare. Well they were wrong! More big names will be exposed for the lying cheating, thieving scumbags they are! Time is running out, if Mon Mom runs in The Grand National, there will be NO TURNING BACK, NO SECOND CHANCES!

In fact, I may even go as far as to EXPOSE JUST WHICH HORSE IS DRUGGED IN THE GRAND NATIONAL! Fuck it, I will: Snowy Morning! You're treading on thin ice, and that ice is breaking!

Anonymous said...

Important News: Sorry about the false winner: the people involved read this blog, and so for the first tim in years, they changed the plan so a favourite won. The horse had a warning for me from the crooked jockeys and Jockey Club: Don't Push It. The horse was drugged to win the race.
And I WILL push it! I will continue until the crooks and animal abusers (100% of current jockeys, trainers and owners).

In order to make up for it, I will post several dead certs from my inside information, but these will be posted on the day of the race, and hopefully the criminals involved in horse racing won't be able to read the blog as they will be too busy drugging or beating their horses senseless.

As you can see, they were getting worried, well they will have more to worry about now! I don't take threats idly! The Jockey Club and jockeys, you will be sorry. I'm going to Channel 4 with a long line of concrete evidence now...you have 48 hours to retire Mon Mome AND Don't Push It to a caring home (that means NO jockeys, no ex jockeys, NOBODY currently or previously asscociated with horse racing, and no dog meat or glue factories). Channel 4 will be presented with the evidence once the deadline is up, there will be no second chances - think what this will do to your contract with them!

Anonymous said...

Jockey Trevor Whelan illegally drugged his horse Restart in the early hours of this morning to make sure he won the 8pm at Southwell race. What he didn't reckon on was that he put too much of the illegal substance in the horse. The reason was that Trevor Whelin HAS SEVERAL BETFAIR ACCOUNTS IN FAKE NAMES - he BET ON HIS HORSE TO WIN with all of these fake names! So the horse won by 24 lenths, something a 22/1 shot CANNOT DO WITHOUT BEING DRUGGED!

So there you have it, Trevor is exposed as both a fraudster and an animal abuser.
I warned I would start exposing people if my reasonable demands were not met, and now it's too late - things will only get messier if the demands are not met, people will lose jobs and horse racing will lose the misguided respect it has! Told you I would cause trouble and I will! And make damn sure you stop with naming your one race wonder horses threatening names such as "Don't Push It" and "A Word Of warning" - I'll be doing the only warning around here!

Anonymous said...

Can't remember the horses name at the moment, but a 50/1 shot was leading by ten lenths 3 out. Then the horse careered into the side of the fence with no attempt to jump the fence. The horses strange behaviour and large lead was due to the fact that it was illegally drugged.


Binocular, backed at 999/1 on Betfair won a race at Cheltenham in March this year. Nicky Henderson claimed "‘He was never lame but something was wrong’.

Well I now expose that to be false - Binocular WAS lame! A ringer horse was used in his place, a scam organised by Nicy Henderson. He had the jockey search for a ringer and when the jockey found one, the scam was on. The horse that won that race was NOT Binocular, but a very different horse. Worse still, Nicky Henderson ILLEGALLY DRUGGED the ringer horse to win the race. I'll be exposing more scams soon - the jockeys and trainers didn't heed my warnings and carried on regardless, now it is too late!

I have been compiling evidence of animal abuse, illegal drugging, and race fixing which has already been submitted to Channel 4. I don't mess around!

Anonymous said...

Evidence has been submitted to the RSPCA and a newspaper that will make Mccoy lose his job, you will read about it in the papers soon! Now I am destroying jockeys careers, the ONLY way to stop it is to reire 50 horses - yes, that's right, 50! What's more, these MUST be hi-prolific horses and NOT one race wonders! So Call Of Angels, Don't Push It, Snowy Morning etc MUST be retired to nice homes, where no jockeys or former jockeys live. The total will be INCREASED if my demands are not met within 7 days, if neccessary, I will demand that ALL horses are retired.

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