Sunday, January 23, 2011


The time has come to boycott all horse racing in the country. We the players have been taken advantage of long enough. I realize it's hard not to play the horse's when it's in our blood.But the industry thinks it can just keep taking and taking from us. The greed of these people never fails to amaze me. Our sport has been declining for decades now and there answer is always to take more from the player. Does this sound familiar thats how our government works to. They keep taking and we get less. Well I think it's time we show them who the real boss is. US!!!! I hope all who read this will get involved in some way. Write your local track and tell them it's time for positive change and we the player won't take their crap anymore. We need to stand together on this because our industry will be out of business if we don't. Thanks for reading and good luck.


Raymond said...

That would be great if we could all be united... but how?

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Xander Alex said...

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