Monday, August 8, 2011

Betting on Horse Racing: From the Track to the Internet


K.M. Reid

Betting on horses no longer requires a trip to the local race track. Online betting sites allow you to place bets from the comfort of your computer.

Online betting is a convenient alternative for those who are not able to get away from work to place bets. Although you will miss the social aspects of watching the race at the track, online betting provides a flexible alternative for busy people.

How does it work?

To start placing bets online, you must first set up an account with an online betting site. Once the account is set up, you may have to make a minimum deposit before placing any bets. This account is then used for all your winnings and losses.

Although many sites do not charge a fee for using the service, many others charge a set-up or monthly fee to use the website to place bets online.

The rules for online horse racing betting do not change from betting at the track. You may continue to place the same types of bets, including exotic bets.

Horse racing betting online also has several disadvantages.

Poor Experience

Watching a race online can never compare to seeing it at the track. In addition to the opportunity to get a close look at the horses in the paddock and post parade, hearing the crowd yell and cheer for their horses cannot be replicated.

Small Screen

The small computer screen limits the amount of action you see before, during and after a race. If the camera is turned you may miss the stumble that cost the favorite the race or you may miss the dramatic speed of a horse coming from behind to win the race.

Internet Problems

Online betting will be impossible if you face computer or internet problems. Even those who have a reliable internet connection and a new computer may experience problems due to a virus or other issue. Although computer problems can be minimized, keep in mind if you rely on your computer for betting and watching the races, eventually you may find yourself missing out due to computer problems.

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Mahim said...

In the horse racing world there is a ton of information and different systems available to improve handicapping. Throughout years of reading and research the only true way to become very successful at handicapping boils down to 3 key principles. With knowledge, the ability to adapt to different situations, and discipline to do the work spending time on your selections you will dominate any track you come across. There are so many factors that can affect any given race that some races you can look at a hundred different times and still be dumbfounded.

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Very nice blog and very useful
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very informative blog. Any bets or tips on this year's Melbourne Cup ?

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