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Spectacular Bid's Stunning Free and Online Avatar


Lee Lane-Edgar

Horse games have been a tradition for hundreds of years now and no wonder they are addictive. And man hasn\'t been able to overcome the penchant for the game for a very long time now.

Be it the Run for the Roses or the Test of the Champions, horse races are the most electrifying short duration sports. And when its races, nothing compares to witnessing those muscles streaming incredibly while the crowd cheers in awe of all that power and speed. A game of the rich and lavish also equally admired by the commoner, this is a game of opportunity, persistence, durability and destiny.

So passionate is the game that the adrenalin rushes at the slightest thought of it. Talking about races, none miss that superstar when the gallant gallopers are talked about, 'The Bid', the 'Spectacular Bid' who lived and died a life so lush with victories that every time he set foot on a circuit, the contenders would invariably clear the path for another inevitable win.

A beautiful dark horse with a pedigree to die for, a racing history so impressive that every true race lover would leave no stone unturned if riding it were a chance. The Bid lived a life of flawless races and immaculate photo finishes other than a few where luck seemed to have run out for the astoundingly swift beast.

While the Triple Crown was almost a quest conquered, a freak accident at the Belmont Park stall came as an ill fated episode stripping him of a highly anticipated win right away. Some blame it on the safety pin that pinned itself into his hoof and later even threatened his life with a fatal infection and some on the irresponsible ride from the teenage jockey Ronnie Franklin that never rode The Bid again.

However post the Triple Crown; The Bid would never lose again. He won every single race he contended after recovering from the Belmont Park blow. Such unpredictability reigns the racing scenes that it makes the whole idea addictive and unavoidable.

And what happens when all this action and drama comes right down to your fingers to manipulate and toy with? Free horse racing games are born. While they are as much fun as the real races, the only missing factor is a real horse injury and to some extent the real expensive race tickets. But who wants it anyway?

Easily available, free and downloadable,free horse racing games in plenty adorn the internet. With critical gaming technologies emerging from nowhere on a daily basis, the gaming domain couldn\'t get luckier. Cutting edge 3D effects creating accurate if not life like images feed the virtual reality to the gamers so neatly that the immersion is hardly different from reality.

While Internet plays the distribution channel, it also forms the backbone of the online communities that come for not a penny more with these free games. Become a member and you are sharing feeds, information on breeding, betting, training and even forecasting. There\'s more. Tournament races for beginners, mediocre and proper professionals are available for contention.

The features\' brochure of free horse racing games doesn\'t end there. From siring from a plethora of the invincible to training them for combat; all this at your finger tips! Don\'t believe me? Download your free game and you will find out for yourself.


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