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Horse Racing Handicapping Pattern Angles


Bill Peterson

The process of horse racing handicapping is the evaluation of each runner\'s ability and projected performance. When I say projected I mean that since an animal\'s health and fitness may change from day to day and week to week, a horse may improve or lose some of its form since the last race as viewed in the past performances. Understanding how a horse will progress or regress is a big part of making money betting on the races.

Investors look for patterns in the growth and fortunes of companies and commodities that they invest in and it is the same with smart bettors. They know of patterns that signal a horse is ready to win and then they exploit that knowledge. It may be a pattern of workouts that a certain trainer uses or a pattern of performances that signal the horse is being prepared for a big race.

An example of this is the workout patterns many trainers use for maidens. Naturally, the conditioner starts with easy works of short distances, perhaps three furlongs, to start getting his horse in shape. Then the distances are increased and the horse is asked to work harder so times also become faster. The interval of time between each workout is also important and you\'ll often see that a youngster that is coming to the races has been working at five furlongs every 5-7 days for the past month or two.

That is an excellent pattern. Often the trainer will test the youngster with a fast workout that you may find one or two works back and then there will be a few slow works just to keep the runner in shape. Workout patterns for maidens is just one pattern the handicapper should be aware of. Since trainers are not all alike and each one has his or her own thoughts on training, it is important to know how they lead up to a winning effort by one of their charges.

This is not only true of maidens, but older horses as well. Patterns that are successful should be noted by the handicapper. Once you know of a certain pattern the next step is to watch the progression of a pattern and to know when the horse is ready to win. The best way to do this is to choose a few successful trainer and to look at horses that just won for them. Then look at the workout and race pattern that led to the win. You\'ll soon find certain moves that the conditioner will make over and over again.

You\'ll also find that many people bet the horses even though the conditioner has not completed the succession of moves and has no intention of sending the horse for the win. It happens all the time. Just imagine how much money you can save, and therefore increase your profits, if you no longer bet on horses that are not meant to win and will not be entering the winners circle. That is why it is so important to use patterns in your horse racing handicapping.

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